what is thin-client computing

Thin Computing is the use of a powerful datacenter focused strategy like Cloud Computing or Client virtualization (using Citrix Xen App, Xen Desktop ,VM ware View, Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services or Terminal Services, Hyper-V, UNIX/Linux, or HTML applications) accessed by simpler, more energy-efficient desktop or mobile appliances, instead of a traditional PC. This proven model delivers the productivity people need, at a lower cost than traditional methods, all while dramatically improving security and manageability. Analysts agree, replacing a PC environment with thin computing (thin clients and required  datacenter infrastructure) will reduce energy consumption by 70 to 90%. It’s the most effective Green IT strategy.

Client for streaming

The next generation of flexibility, security and ease of management, Comsol clients for Streaming contain no operating system software on the device, but instead use OS and Application Virtualization via Streaming to deliver a true PC experience with thin computing benefits of centralized storage, control, and simplified OS and application maintenance. The true PC OS and applications are literally delivered in real time over the LAN from Comsol provisioning in the datacenter. Comsol clients can be provisioned with operating systems and applications compatible with Windows Embedded, Windows XP Professional, Vista, and Windows 7. This combination works perfectly stand-alone or in combination with Citrix, Microsoft or VMware-based virtualization technology, and provides IT the discretion to execute applications that won’t run on the server on the desktop, just like a PC, while avoiding the management issues associated with a typical PC.

Monitoring & Screen Share

The screen-sharing feature of the Samsung Smart School can help your school meet the technological demands of the 21st-century classroom by creating a uniquely interactive learning environment. A broad range of learning support materials can be shared in real time between your teachers’ tablet or PC screen and their students' devices, increasing your staff's control of content and enhancing your pupils' engagement. This solution ensures that all your students have the relevant subject matter discussed in class in front of them at every point, allowing them to learn more efficiently and creatively than ever.