Integrated solutions for enhanced

control of multiple TV environments

Hospitality managers need efficient ways to manage multiple TV sets without having to update or adjust each unit individually. Typically, property managers enlist personnel to visit every guest room to perform system upgrades, set changes and other maintenance. Manually updating each TV throughout the property consumes valuable resources, time and operational costs.

Additionally, hospitality businesses want to enhance their guest services by providing guests with convenient, on-screen hotel information and a user-friendly electronic program guide (EPG).

Hotel-motel pbx

Professional service, rich guest experience and systematic hotel activities are the building blocks for success in the hospitality industry. Guest centric hotels require specialized communication solution to automate hotel operations and help their staff to respond from anywhere in the hotel premise.

Comsol offers a comprehensive solution for all communication needs of small budget to luxury hotels with 20 to 400 rooms. Based on universal slots architecture and state-of-the-art design, 
Comsol hospitality PBXs are scalable as per the hotel requirements. Hotels can excel and differentiate themselves with Comsol hospitality solution complemented by hotel wizard, front desk management, ready PMS integration, voice mail system and built-in auto-attendant.

Solution overview

Increase Staff Productivity and Efficiency

Comsol with integrated hotel features help concierge and operator to reduce time spent on administrative activities and devise innovative guest service

Retain Loyal Guests

Advance hospitality features helps hotel staff to deliver personalized services and prompt response to guest requests, all adding to better guest experience. This helps convert new guests into regular visitors and retain loyal guests

Streamlines Hotel Business Processes

Comsol Hospitality enables hotel staff to respond communication solution while on-the-move, allocate resources dynamically and integrate specialized property management systems to streamline and automate hotel business process