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server based computing 

The growing need to provide applications quickly and with low administrative workload places new demands on a company's infrastructure. A powerful network must be inexpensive, flexible and permit secure access to data and applications regardless of location, type of connection and user device. Server Based Computing solutions make applications available at the workplace from a central server. Installed there centrally, all applications can then be accessed from de centralised, remote or mobile clients Thin Client devices use vastly less power compared to their PC equivalents and so offer a green solution to an enterprise's workstation requirements. 

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Total Server Solutions is looking for a highly motivated, experienced, knowledgeable Linux/UNIX systems administrator to round our tech team.  If you have years of experience managing large Internet based application clusters, heroic organizational skills, and revel in diagnosing and fixing problems, you’ll be a great fit.  As one of our Linux/UNIX system admins, you will be responsible for working out solutions to complex problems that our customers may encounter during their daily operations.  Great problem solving skills are a must.  As a growing, globally oriented company, we offer a relaxed work environment and great benefits.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Today’s academic institutions face critical IT challenges that rival those of any industry. Students,faculty and administrative staff, whether they are on campus, at home or working from remote facilities, need access to a growing number of academic applications, as well as the Internet. Every year,IT professionals working for schools, colleges and universities must support a new influx of students using a variety of computing equipment from 286 PCs to the latest hand-held devices. Academic institutions of all sizes, confronted with limited IT budgets, are searching for innovative ways to support students and faculty,while simultaneously leveraging their existing computing investments.In this paper, we will look at the IT challenges of the education community, and explore how Comsol Server-based Computing solutions can benefit any academic institution, regardless of size, location or computing environment.