smart class

what is smartclass and how does it work?

“smartclass” is a technology leveraged to improve the teaching – learning system, which has already evoked a new environment, new emotion in the classrooms across the country. It is an environment where the teacher isempowered to teach better and student is inspired to learn better than before. smartclass can boast about multimedia, mapped to CBSE, ICSE, Stateboard curriculums, and explains the most difficult concept with easy clarity, bridging the learning gaps between the two stakeholders.It is equipped with exhaustive repository of well researched, digital modules of lessons (consisting of audio-video,2D and 3D animations and graphics) on almost every subject from KG to class XII. The mode of storage of therepository is the central server hub located at a convenient place in the school. The classrooms equipped with astate of art interactive Educomp smartclass Digital Teaching System (DTS) are connected to the central server.In the classroom, teachers access the modules supported by a wide range of elements such as Animations, MCQs,Real Life Applications, Worksheet, Weblinks etc. The visual teaching gives wings to a student's imagination. The modules are designed in teacher led format where the teachers integrate these elements with the day's lesson plan, intervene, explain and yes, also use the chalk and blackboard as of before.

 The benefits

  • Maximize your budget. Improve learning.
  • Our classroom solutions enable more personalized education even for school’s with limited budgets:
  • Students can use mobile devices or thin clients to help lower costs while gaining flexible access to educational resources.
  • Teachers and faculty can personalize students' educational experiences by aligning achievement and assessment results with open learning resources.
  • Administrators can lower infrastructure costs and simplify maintenance while providing a dynamic and secure environment for learning..

control the teaching environment

The monitoring and controlling feature of the Comsol Smart School allows your teachers to keep constant track of a wide variety of educational content on their pupils' screens. This ensures that every child is referring to the same information and is not distracted by irrelevant material from elsewhere. By monitoring the flow of content to their students' devices with this intuitive technology, your teaching staff can increase concentration, maintain discipline and teach more flexibly in an enhanced and interactive environment.