workstation solution

A workstation is a computer intended for individual use that is faster and more capable than a personal computer. It's intended for business or professional use (rather than home or recreational use). Workstations and applications designed for them are used by small engineering companies, architects, graphic designers, and any organization, department, or individual that requires a faster microprocessor, a large amount of random access memory (RAM), and special features such as high-speed graphics adapters. Historically, the workstation developed technologically about the same time and for the same audience as the UNIX operating system, which is often used as the workstation operating system. Among the most successful makers of this kind of workstation are  Hewlett-Packard, DEll, and IBM.

 remote workstation solution 

For professionals who work with graphically demanding applications and expect the highest in performance and security, IT managers have trusted and deployed  Remote Workstation Solution across the globe. A Remote Workstation Solution consists of a remote card that plugs in to any  compliant slot to turn that machine into a pixel center. On the user end, a powerful, yet sleek zero client displays the broadcast pixels.

workstation advantage

Workstations are purpose built for high performance and heavy workloads. They are also designed so you can tailor the system, and the price, to match your application requirements in five key ways: